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With your teeth and tongue, you eat and talk. With your lips and gums, you kiss and smile. People really care about their mouths. But they don’t like going to the dentist. And for good reason.

Lack of trust. Feeling judged. Discomfort. Dentists recognize these frustrations. They know dental isn’t working the way it should. And they, too, want to make it better.

That’s why our team decided to remake the entire experience. We combine treatment you trust with a team who’ll never judge, an environment that soothes, and products that delight.

Safety First

We prioritize safety with health checks, social distancing, enhanced PPE, and more.

Insurance accepted

We are participating providers of the main dental insurances in the USA.

Full-service dentistry

Our clinic offers a full range of dental services, from checkups to implants and veneers.

No judgment ever

From floss bosses to sweet tooths, every mouth is welcome.

We are pleased to offer you the chance to have a beautiful smile

COVID19: Keeping our community safe

To protect our patients and staff against COVID19, we follow the reccomended protocols for Dental Clinics.

Sterilized equipment

All of our clinical equipment is either single-use or thoroughly sterilized.

Enhanced PPE

Our clinical team wears gloves, masks, and for enhanced protection, face shields.

Protecting our team

We provide our team with daily health checks, masks for commutes, laundry and more.

Social distancing

We’ll require everyone to maintain six feet of separation as they move through the clinic.

Real-time safety updates

We are closely monitoring the CDC, ADA, and OSHA. As they update their guidelines, we will update our safety practices in real time.

Our services

At Jadent Dental Clinic we offer a full range of services to help you have a great smile and a healthy mouth. We are waiting for you!

Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea
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Sleep Apnea

Our Patients Say

I have been coming to this dentist for almost 5 years. Dr. Josefina Arocha is highly skilled, charismatic and understanding. I love how the practice is always clean and the staff is so kind and friendly

Claudia Perez Google Review

Magnificent office. Everything looks to be in the right place. Amazing doctor, and personal. Reasonable prices. Can you ask for more?

Eugenio F Diaz Google Review

The best service, clean place and beautiful, best doctor and stufff

Marjorie Alvarez Google Review

Estoy muy agradecido con la Dra Arocha, Odalis y Gigi por la atención y tiempo que me dedicaron. Estoy extremadamente complacido y ahora seré paciente por vida! La Dra. es muy conciente, humana y sobre todo super agradable.

Jesus Espolita Google Review

Muy buena atencion y profesionalidad me senti bien atendido y con mucha seguridad , un lugar muy limpio e higienico y se nota el nivel profesional de todos los trabajadores, por primera vez estoy sonriendo en mis fotos.

Juan Carlos Armas Cortes Google Review

Thank you Dr. Josefina Arocha for the great experience and quality work. The staff are extremely friendly and the atomsphere is very welcoming. I would recommend Dr. Jeosefina Arocha to everyone. She is the best dentist I have ever had!

Kevin Martinez Google Review

Dental Insurances

We serve a wide variety of insurers. If yours is not on this list, don't worry, contact us to find a solution. We are happy to help.